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What does JewMaicanMe Healthy do?

We're restoring traditionally intuitive, vitality inspired wisdom
with nutritional balance, sense wellness & holistic life practices that shift perspectives.


Myself, Amanda Leah the JewMaican Kosher Carnivore standing next to my Freeze Dried foods.

Hey! I'm Amanda Leah,
a JewMaican - aka the
"Kosher Carnivore".

When I chose to begin intermittent fasting, and flipped my nutrition plan from plant heavy plates to an 85-100% animal-based way of eating (woe), for both my puppy and myself, it changed my entire life!

5 years later - I’m relieved to thrive in health, and abundant possibilities!

My goal is to support your full-life-flip into health creation mode!

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Welcome to the community!

The path to a "FAB" life...

Honour balance vs. perfection. 
Nutrition confidence
 paves the way to health creation, and overall wellness

Celebrate small and structured steps.
Ignite your life with intuitive sense wellness to find success abundant in all the areas that matter most.

Choose yourself everyday
It's never too late for anyone to transform anything.  Daily choices design our experiences' of life as us! 




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