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  • Community Coaching: FAB Family
    As a community, learn all the ins and outs you'll need to know to support personal and unified goal setting and accomplishments with a foundation in nutrition and health wellness.
  • FAB Feasting: Nutrition Coaching
    Tap into your FAB Intuition with a consistently re-balanced way of eating that suits your life. Implement and sustain an animal based way of eating for health creation, with experienced and knowledgeable support. Includes: Personalized intake, assessment and 1 coaching guide of choice. 1. Kosher Carnivore, 2. FAB Pause (Fasting) or 3. FAB Essence (Sense Wellness)
  • Life Coaching: Re:AL Living
    Ignite success in each area of YOUR life with balanced holistic systems. Manifest your vision of an ideal lifestyle by envoking creative and unique, yet concrete steps toward harmonizing habits that promote a balance of integrity, resilience and consistently good results. Also includes... Personalized intake, assessment with consult, 1:1 coaching, and voice text support.
  • Wellness Coaching: FAB Life
    Maintain daily sense wellness strategies to balance and rev intuition. Deepen Your Senses & Awareness: Enhance every day with practices that deepen an awareness of your senses, and a desire to authentically connect physically & and spiritually with the environment around us. Also includes... Personalized intake, assessment, coaching, and voice text support.
  • My background
    My Jewish and Jamaican heritage, along with my Canadian upbringing will always influence my daily food choices and practices. My experience with chronic illness prior to becoming the Kosher Carnivore lead me to extensive Fasting Animal Based experimentation, healing and learning. Now there's no stopping my endeavours for nutrition education, or my formulating unique recipes and new food concepts to benefit kosher and non-kosher communities alike. Needless to say; my top priority is continuing to develop, practice and teach others a new way of eating, and an overall approach to life that I'm beyond pleased to experience and share with all of you!
  • My anecdotal health experience
    DisEases Managed with my FAB WoE: Fibromyalgia Chronic Body Pain Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic Vomiting/Nausea & IBS Depression/Anxiety/PTSD Dysmenorrhea (Painful Menstruation) Sleep Disturbances Temperature Sensitivity/Control Chemical Sensitivity Exercise Intolerance Weight Skin Issues TMJ (lock jaw) Dental issues Added Health Creation Benefits: Little to No farting Easy Fasts Strong hair, nails Body Odor - Breath and Pits
  • My professional experience
    Food Service since 1995 50+ Public & Private kitchens events Teaching since 2000: Public & Private Education : K-Adult - Bachelor of Education - Bachelor of Fine Arts - TEFL Masters Certified Life Coaching since 2010: Private clients & communities - Landmark Education (SELP) Event/Community Planning since 2011: Public & Private events/performances Business Development/Social Media Management since 2014: - Private businesses, entrepreneurs & influencers Podcast Creator/Host since 2018 Nutrition Coaching since 2019: Private clients & communities - Carnivore Coach Certified by Shawn Baker MD - Fasting Coach Certified by Shawn Baker MD - ORB Mashgiach Certified
  • Why does current dogma say to do the opposite of what you do?
    Learn more about the eugenics inspired agenda for world domination, and begin with Henry Kissenger and GMO's. One of the best books on the topic is: Seeds of Destruction - The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation. Start by watching this video where author, F. William Engdahl lays it all out years after publishing his informative masterpiece.
  • Where can I read more information?
    Learn more in the FAB courses we offer. Get in touch to find out more, today!
  • How can fiber be dangerous?
    For starters, please visit GutSense.Org where forensic nutritionist, Konstantine Monastyrsky reveals all the common yet disastrous ways that our fiber intake is wrecking havoc on humanity. Click here to access his MUST READ E-BOOK: FIBER MENACE
  • How can plants be harmful?
    The harms that over indulgence in plant ingestion pose are quite evident even as far back as the the 12th century, in the Rambam's Misneh Torah - The Book of Knowledge. Read De'ot - chapter 4 here to learn for yourself. The author, Maimonides - endearingly known as the Rambam (1138–1204) was a Sephardic rabbi, philosopher, preeminent astronomer and physician to the Saladin, who became one of the most prolific and influential Torah scholars of the Middle Ages.
  • What about the environment?
    Cows can save us! If you don't get how, begin by looking into Allan Savoury's work via the Savoury Institute. We recommend everyone watch Allan's renowned TedTalk, or you can start with a bite size synopsis that his supporters - Regenerative Farmers of America - put together.
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