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1 Litre of Bone Broth made from Amanda Leah's grandmother's recipe, then freezed dried to preserve the flavour and nutrition for 22 years - if you can make it that long. Just add warm water 1:1 and serve.
Multiple varities offered with AL's JewMaican twist.

Flaky Bone Broth

1 Fluid ounce
We're just about to start a new batch to ship next week!
  • Products are currently only available locally.

    Pick up can be arranged: Fresh, frozen & freeze dried products.

    Local delivery is offered weekly: Froze & Freeze dried only.

  • Basic: Beef & Chicken (Sometimes turkey) with salt

    Beefy: Beef with salt

    Plant Amped: (Add $3 per batch)
    May include any natural whole herbs/spices listed or not: 
    Onion, dill, ginger, garlic, scallions, carrots, parsnip, perppercorns, etc. 

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